zaterdag 27 september 2008

Rachel de Joode for the Ladies exhibition

Though I know I done no wrong I feel guilt - 2005

zondag 14 september 2008

PEACHES VIDEO by Rachel de Joode

Famous friend and artist Rachel de Joode, currently living in Paris, made this great video with the notorious singer Peaches. The video was shot in Berlin.

Rachel de Joode on the V Vorn cover

Skin colored, Size matters - 2007 at the cover of V Vorn magazine.

Rachel de Joode's "Size matters" series was published in V Vorn magazine, a high end art mag. Size Matters featured Rachel's parents, with whom she works very often. Another picture of Rachel, "Tough I know I done no wrong I feel guilt" was exhibited at the Ladies exhibition. (See further posts.)

The Ladies works

zaterdag 13 september 2008

Miriam Kruishoop and Erwin Olaf at Ladies exhibition

Irene van Dijk at Ladies

Amsterdam artist Irene van Dijk for Ladies.
In these three pieces the Cute, the Obscure and the Woman go hand in hand.

Peter Klashorst at the Ladies exhibition

The first photograph in row, hanging close near the window, seemed very Vermeer-esque to us.

As you can see below this picture was printed (and framed) life size.

Neema's wall of fame

Famous created a very chique portfolio, African style, to present Peter's Neema series.

Collaboration with Klashorst

Michou joined forces with Peter Klashorst for the Ladies exhibition. Peter made a series of 10 photographs named Neema, that were exposed in the store. Some in life-size...

LADIES exhibition

The "Neema" series by Peter Klashorst that he created for Ladies.

This year, Famous has two exhibitions: Ladies and Gentlemen.
Ladies showed the work of several Famous artists like Lauren Greenfield, Larry Sultan, David LaChapelle, Rachel de Joode, Miles Aldridge and many more...
The subject of the work was, clearly, "ladies".

Daido Moriyama at the Rembrandtsquare

After the opening of daido's exhibition at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam, we went out for a bite with this distinguished little gentleman...

Smoking outside (outside!!! The smoking prohibition just began in Amsterdam) of the restaurant

Wining & Dining with Nobuyoshi Araki (Tokyo)

A night at Bar Araki

Portrait of Michou's brother Alex (who also french kissed the artist)

Araki's dolls

Michou placed her autograph at Nobuyoshi's wall of fame, between to Bjorks' and Larry Clarks'

French Kissing Nobuyoshi Araki

Famous in the year 2008

Michou and her red Famousmobile in front of the store

THE NEW STORE! At a new location: Huidenstraat 17 Amsterdam...

Famous in the year 2000

11/11/2000 was the year we gave birth to Famous!

A grand opening with all the (street) celebrities of Amsterdam!